The new electrostatic precipitator filters the Loviisa bio power plant

ECP Group’s electric filter at the Loviisa bio power plant (on the left) Picture Yle/Eric Vasama

The new biological heat plant was inaugurated in Loviisa on 20/10/2016 and our new electric filter was started for the first time. The smoke gases of the new 10 megawatt heat plant are filtered so that the power plant’s particle emission to the nearby residential area is less than 40 mg/Nm3.

“An electric filter is a long-lasting and reliable solution for biological heat plants’ smoke gas filtering”, said ECP Group Oy’s Project Manager Pekka Sipolainen. “Electric filters need much less maintenance compared to other filter solutions with the same performance. This is especially true for plants which utilise bio-combustion”.

The heat production of the biological heat plant is comparable to the heat consumption of 3000 detached houses. The electric filter itself is about the size of a detached house. The voltage inside the filter is 70,000 V.

The Loviisa biological heat plant belongs to Porvoo Energy. KPA Unicon delivered the heat plant for Porvoo Energy. The electric filter delivered by ECP Group was a part of KPA Unicon’s delivery.

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Project Manager Pekka Sipolainen.
Porvoo Energy bulletin


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