Biosteam exhausts now have low particle emissions

ECP Group Ltd. has realised an electric filter for the biosteam plant in the Jyväskylä dairy area of Valio. The electric filter makes possible particle emissions that are in accordance with regulations for the 6 MW biosteam plant, with Finnish fuel.

“Electric filters are a maintenance-friendly solution for biocombustion plants,” says Project Manager Pekka Sipolainen. “The smouldering flying ash that gets into the filter from time to time in biocombustion can be collected with the electric filter without the lifespan of the filter being shortened or maintenance costs rising.” The design, delivery and installation time of the electric filter supplied by ECP Group was 6 months from the signing of the contract. The electric filter was a part of the boiler delivery by Renewa Ltd. to Vapo Ltd, which produces the energy of the biosteam plant for Valio. Further information: Project Manager Pekka Sipolainen, tel. 0400 378 229

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