Changes in ECP Group Oy

ECP Group Oy is accelerating its business with a renewed ownership base. Founder Pekka Vähäkuopus has left the company, and Tapani Stipa, CEO since a year ago, has taken Vähäkuopus’ place as Chairman of the Board. Besides Tapani Stipa, the new board of directors will include Olli-Pekka Päiviö and Jyrki Virtanen, who are continuing as members of the board and owners.

“During its 15 years, ECP Group Oy has become the market leader within its own sector”, Stipa says. “It is a good place from where to develop the company even further to bring solutions to our customers’ future challenges. The bio energy market and climate protection policies are facing tumultuous political times. Based on ECP Group Oy’s numerous references, we can offer our customers future-proof solutions.”

For more information:

Chairman of the board, Tapani Stipa, tel. +358 40 5278488