The Lappeenranta sawmill of Metsä Fibre is being heated cleanly

ECP Group Ltd. has supplied new air protection equipment for the Metsä Fibre Ltd Lappeenranta sawmill’s heat plant. An electrostatic precipitator provided by ECP Group Ltd. will now take care of the cleaning of flue gases, thanks to which particle emissions will meet all decreed foreseeable emission levels.

“Our Lappeenranta sawmill is operating in an urban environment, and that’s why we wanted to establish a clear lead in cleaning exhaust gases,” states the Development Manager of Metsä Group, Pia Paakkari. “The effectiveness of the electrostatic precipitator in our demanding environment has fulfilled our expectations”.

“The operational reliability of our heat production is an essential success factor for our sawmill,” says the Factory Manager Riku Iisakkala. “After its adoption, the electric filter has reliably cleaned the exhaust gases of our heat plant.”

The demanding retrofitting project to the existing boiler plant was carried out by the technical director of ECP Group, Pekka Päiviö. “An electric filter is an excellent update solution for bioburners,” says Päiviö. “Many unburnt sparks are often carried through with bioburning which can cause problems, and even a risk of fire, in exhaust gas cleaners. An electric filter also works well in this kind of environment.”

Further information

Technical Director Pekka Päiviö, ECP Group Ltd., tel. +358 40 553 0677
Factory Manager Riku Iisakkala, Metsä Fibre Ltd.,tel. +358 10 46 74299