More effective electrostatic precipitators for pulp mill recovery boilers

Pulp mill in Finland
Pulp mill in Finland. Archive picture, The pictured plant is not necessarily linked to the post.

It is still possible to markedly improve the efficiency of the recovery boilers’ electrostatic precipitators

The recovery boilers of pulp mills typically have electrostatic precipitators for cleaning flue gases that were installed when the boiler was built. These precipitators have often worked for as long as several decades. The old precipitator technology might well have been left behind the current standards during that time. This can also be an obstacle for developing efficient pulp production.

In the spring of 2018, the ECP Group performed the modernisation of the high voltage transformers and control systems of a Finnish pulp mill. This was done in connection with the normal annual maintenance of the recovery boiler’s electrostatic precipitators. With the modernisation, the recovery boiler’s particle emissions were reduced to less than a half of the earlier level, even though the efficiency of the boiler was markedly increased at the same time. After the modernisation, the recovery boiler’s particle emissions will also easily meet the emission requirements of the near future.

Circular economy at its best

The electrostatic precipitator puts into practice circular economy in the recovery boiler. The electrostatic precipitator recovers the fly ash and the pulp boiling chemicals that leave the boiler with the flue gases and they are then recycled back to the pulp process. The more efficient the recovery boiler’s electrostatic precipitator is, the more closed the resulting process is. Both the environment and the forest company benefit from this.

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