Electrostatic precipitator cleans flue gases at Honkalahti sawmill

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The power plant at the Stora Enso Honkalahti sawmill was replaced in 2017. The new plant conforms to Stora Enso’s material and energy efficiency requirements. It is also in line with new environmental rules.
The flue gases from the new power plant are cleaned by an electrostatic precipitator delivered by ECP Group Oy. The new filter is one of ECP Group Oy’s more than 100 successful electrostatic precipitator projects.
“Emissions were measured at the end of 2017 and the results match the manufacturer’s guarantee values,” says Markus Ylönen, head of operations at the Honkalahti sawmill. “We are satisfied with this delivery.”
In recent years ECP Group Oy has delivered electrostatic precipitators to many mechanical timber industry facilities, either when power plants were being replaced or existing ones were being modernised. “The precipitators we deliver are optimised to meet the customer’s needs,” says Pekka Päiviö, technical director at ECP Group Oy. “Our precipitators can withstand changeable burning conditions better than other solutions and they enable cost-effective operations for our customers in line with current and future environmental requirements.”

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