Mäntyharju district heating centre receives an electrostatic precipitator in compliance with the MCP directive

A new electrostatic precipitator to Mäntyharju

ECP Group Oy has supplied a new electrostatic precipitator to the Mäntyharju district heating centre of Suur-Savon Sähkö. The delivery is the start of a new phase in the emission control of medium-sized energy production plants and guarantees that the particle emissions of the centre’s heat production will remain below the emission limits of the EU regulations entering into force in December.

“This delivery falls under large regulatory changes where medium-sized combustion plants, which previously were subject to national regulation, are transferred under EU-based regulation in terms of emissions. With the MCP directive, the emission requirements of smaller combustion plants, in particular, become significantly stricter than before. The best way to reach the new emission requirements at bioenergy plants is to use electrostatic precipitators that tolerate varying process conditions,” says Tapani Stipa, Managing Director of ECP Group Oy.

ECP Group Oy is one of Finland’s leading suppliers of flue gas cleaning equipment. The company has supplied approximately 100 electrostatic precipitators or precipitator modernisations during its 15 years of operation and it services a significant number of the electrostatic precipitators in industry and energy production that are responsible for Finland’s high air quality.

The overall reform of the Mäntyharju district heating centre is being carried out by Vaasan Kuljetuskanavat Oy. “Cooperation with Vaasan Kuljetuskanavat in the implementation of the project has proceeded smoothly,” says ECP Group’s Project Engineer Vili Korhonen.

More information:
Managing Director Tapani Stipa tel. +358 (0)20 741 8350
Technical Director Pekka Päiviö tel. +358 (0)40 553 0677