Circular economy to be boosted in lime kilns with a new contract

ECP Group Oy has concluded a new contract on electrostatic precipitators for lime kilns of a pulp mill. The delivery of the precipitators will take place during the first half of 2020. The delivery is a significant supplement to ECP Group Oy’s order backlog.

This supply contract complements ECP Group Oy’s references concerning electrostatic precipitators used in the pulp industry. In addition to the lime kilns and recovery boilers supplied earlier, the order backlog also contains a new electrostatic precipitator for recovery boilers.

“The design and implementation of electrostatic precipitators for recovery boilers requires special expertise”, says Pekka Päiviö, Technical Director at ECP Group Oy. “The temperature of the flue gases to be purified is high, and the dust to be cleaned also poses challenges of its own. In this category, we are competing with our expertise with major international equipment suppliers.”

In the lime kilns, the calcium used in the manufacturing process of sulphate cellulose is recovered and then converted from carbonate to calcium oxide (burnt lime). The lime kiln’s electrostatic precipitators recover the remaining calcium boosting the circular economy within pulp manufacturing.