FGDD Disc Dampers

FGDD also known as fuel gas disc dampers are typically used in flue gas ducts, on the inlet- and outlet side of an ESP, to isolate the ESP from the process for eg maintenance to ensure maximum air tightness. FGDD disc dampers are commonly used eg soda recovery boilers, lime sludge kilns and power boilers as well.

  • Square shape disc damper
  • Circular shape disc damper

FGDD disc dampers are always designed and manufactured according to the clients requests. FGDD disc dampers can be manufactured in normal mild steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel or acid-proof steel materials.

Single FGDD disc dampers can be manufactured in size range of ø1000–3000mm as well as in twin-construction at high gas volumes. The basic construction of a FGDD disc damper is in square form, but it can be manufactured also in a circular form.

Closing and opening of the FGDD disc damper is achieved with an AUMA actuator.